Writing an Essay About Marketing Strategies That Will Get You a High Grade

We here to talk about Pepsi football campaigns and other cool Pepsi stuff.

Writing an Essay About Marketing Strategies That Will Get You a High Grade

The key to wowing your professor in marketing is by writing something new and innovative. Marketing is an ever-evolving concept that uses both old techniques and new methods to keep up with the changing minds of consumers.

Before, marketing consisted of distasteful print ads, loud barks in the streets, and subliminal messages in movies and television. Today, print ads are more mindful, announcements are more refined, and subliminal messages are more sophisticated. Basically, everything is the same, but not so much.

But what does this mean for your essay? The answer is that you have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of marketing topics to choose from. Whether it’s traditional advertising, digital marketing, email marketing – the list can be endless. This is especially true if you pair your topic with industries, subniches, and current events.

Strategies to Write Your Marketing Essay

Now that you know your options, it’s time to begin writing your marketing essay. In order to write it quickly and easily, while still being in-depth and updated, here are some strategies you can use:

  1. Learn from the experts.

At present, coaching is a big marketing gig for many experts. Marketing consultants are everywhere, but the best ones are those that can show you results from the ground up. If you decide to look up a marketing course online, check the reviews and the measurable results of these experts so you will know who is doing it right.

  1. Use data.

While marketing uses the emotions of consumers to get results, the marketing team uses numbers, charts, revenue reports, and other data to confirm the success of their marketing strategies. If you decide to discuss a new technique, make sure that there are numbers to back it up. Reviews are all well and good, but marketing is a numbers game and you only have one metric – sales.

  1. Develop your own marketing strategy.

While this may seem like a complicated idea, there is a simple formula you can follow. First, find a marketing problem that an industry hasn’t solved. Next, develop a solution using experiments and studies from other sources. Lastly, theorize the possibility of your solution coming to fruition. Since this is an essay, you won’t need to bring results. You just need to defend your theory.

When developing your own marketing strategy, start from the basics like Ogilvy and books like Influence. The time-tested methods and techniques by these powerhouses are the foundation of modern-day marketing. Then, you can add in the modern techniques of social media marketing, SERP marketing, and more.

  1. Find new companies that have unique marketing strategies.

This can be a fun exercise since you will be discovering new techniques that have not yet been proven. The idea of discussing revolutionary techniques is that you can approach it from different angles. Will it be successful? Will it be cost-effective? How can it help this industry or this company? The most interesting part of this type of research is seeing the technique in action and checking to see if it works. Great examples include Kickstarter and similar companies. The marketing is done by the users and the company earns revenue without doing a thing except working as a middleman.

  1. Find unmarketable products and discuss how you can market them.

One example of a product you think you can’t market is poop. However, there is an eight-figure industry devoted to this and there are even stores that sell novelty items in the shape of poop. Today, when you open social media, you see thousands of new inventions that have not been marketed properly yet. All you see are demonstrations and fun videos. But how would you sell it using marketing? That is the challenge you face. If someone can sell an avocado cutter, you can sell anything too.

If you need some more help, you can find people who write student papers for money that know how various strategies for writing marketing essays. Learn from these experts as well so you can pass your class with flying colors.