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We here to talk about Pepsi football campaigns and other cool Pepsi stuff.

Where to Get Professional Help with Writing My Essay?

Writing an essay is part of your academic learning. Your professor gives it to gauge what you have learned and how you react to what you learned. It’s not simply because your professors enjoy making you sleep late. After all, they do read everything that was given to them. Why would they subject themselves to…
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10 Global Branding Fails that Occurred Due to Language Translation

In order to have a brand reach a new market in a different country, the local language has to be used. However, as you know, translation doesn’t always go according to plan. On the contrary, in some situations, the translation is so wrong that the new market will be put off by the brand, rather…
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How to Write an Essay About Coke vs. Pepsi

Writing is one fun activity that your mind can engage in. Writing about something that you can relate with is even way better. No wonder when we were young, most compositions that we were given were about the family and a friend. Who wouldn’t pour their heart out when it comes to those two? How…
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Why Pepsi Company is So “In Love” with Football

Why Pepsi Company is So “In Love” with Football Pepsi undying love for football is evident in its recently launched new campaign “Love it. Live it. Football”. The new global commercial by Pepsi MAX brings football and its star players to the streets – the base of pop culture. Connecting with the people The ad…
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The Most Popular Football Players Who Advertised for Pepsi

Before the 2018 winter World Cup in Russia, Pepsi MAX released a glorious new commercial featuring football stars Lionel Messi, Toni Kroos, Dele Alli, Marcelo, and Carli Lloyd. The ad marked PepsiCo 2018 new campaign ‘Love it. Live it. Football’, which brings the game and its star players to the streets. Each of the players featured in…
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The Story behind Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi made a supposed limited comeback in 2015 after two decades of absence from the store shelves. Today’s aficionados of Pepsi may not be familiar with this variation of Pepsi soda that made its mark in the market in the 90s. Crystal Pepsi was a short-lived, caffeine-free drink sold by PepsiCo in the early…
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How Many Pepsi Tastes Exist?

Taste has been the subject of the branding battle between Cola companies for generations. It is interesting that most consumers cannot specifically point out the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They decide based on the branding and advertising, which can be misleading in some cases. The difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi is down to one…
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20 Interesting Facts about Pepsi

Pepsi or Coca-cola? This question that has stood the test of time and continues to split cola drink lovers right down the middle. Preferences for either drink are entirely limited to individual perceptions. However, Pepsi is an alternative to other sodas because of the citrusy and sweeter taste that set it apart. The lovers of…
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What Sports Apart from Football Pepsi is Sponsoring?

Pepsi love for football is undeniable. In fact, the recent campaigns by the beverages behemoth are centralized on sponsorships of football events and star players. However, to reach out to the diverse fanbases in the sports’ industry, Pepsi cuts corporate deals with other sports besides football. For instance, in 2015, PepsiCo announced a big win…
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Pepsi styles over decades.

Is it true or is it just a marketing thing.