What Will they Do?! Pepsi Football

20 Interesting Facts about Pepsi

Pepsi or Coca-cola? This question that has stood the test of time and continues to split cola drink lovers right down the middle. Preferences for either drink are entirely limited to individual perceptions. However, Pepsi is an alternative to other sodas because of the citrusy and sweeter taste that set it apart. The lovers of…
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What Sports Apart from Football Pepsi is Sponsoring?

Pepsi love for football is undeniable. In fact, the recent campaigns by the beverages behemoth are centralized on sponsorships of football events and star players. However, to reach out to the diverse fanbases in the sports’ industry, Pepsi cuts corporate deals with other sports besides football. For instance, in 2015, PepsiCo announced a big win…
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Pepsi styles over decades.

Is it true or is it just a marketing thing.

What is Pepsi Football Academy?

Pepsi’s love for football is unrivaled. The company not only markets its products through football commercials and sponsorships but also partakes in ensuring the growth of the game. Pepsi strives to integrate itself into pop culture, and football is its way of reaching out to the masses of fans in different global markets. Pepsi Football…
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